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On Wednesday, Peaches and I joined Yumby for a walk at Mount Tolmie Park. It was a lively outing with many off-leash interactions. Peaches and Yumby received plenty of hellos and pets from other park-goers, enjoying the social atmosphere and the scenic surroundings. The park provided a great environment for them to interact freely and safely with others.

Wednesday, Tank, Finn, and Peaches enjoyed a collaborative walk from the boy's home over to Portage Park and back. Keeping everyone on leash, Peaches did great with the boys, matching their energy as they all bumped shoulders happily. The trio had several successful encounters with other dogs, maintaining composure mostly. Tank, however, still showed some signs of unease, barking at dogs that caught him off guard or reacting to quick movements nearby. Overall, it was a positive outing with good moments of interaction.

This past Wednesday's pack adventure from 10 AM to 11:30 AM in Langford included Austin, Peaches, Jilly, Frankie, and Milo. We enjoyed a scenic loop around Glen Lake and West Hills. The group did excellently with loose leash walking, except for Milo, who was notably more energetic, likely due to feeling better after his recent illness. It took some effort, with multiple stops to reposition him, but after about 45 minutes, Milo started to match the calm pace of the rest of the pack.

Miko's very first walk today from 11:30 to 12:30 in Esquimalt was a significant step for him. Starting from home, we made a loop through both Macaulay Point and Saxe Point. Initially, Miko was a bit nervous and grumbly, needing some coaxing to get his gentle leader on, but his excitement for the walk quickly overcame his apprehension about me, a new person in his life.

He walked really well on leash and followed instructions attentively. There were only a couple moments of uncertainty where he seemed hesitant, but he managed to come along on his own each time. Miko was happy to walk alongside me, although he hasn't yet built enough trust to take treats directly from my hand. At drop off, I left a couple of treats just inside his crate to see if he would be more comfortable accepting them once I wasn't in view. This first…

Today's Pack Adventure with Austin, Jilly, Peaches, and Frankie from 9:30 to 11:00 AM was a delightful outing despite the chilly weather and a finishing touch of drizzle. We took a leashed walk around Esquimalt, making a loop through Macaulay Point where the furry friends enjoyed some off-leash playtime. The cooler temperatures didn't seem to bother the crew, and the light rain towards the end of our walk added a refreshing element to the adventure. Everyone did well on leash and relished the chance to romp freely at the park, making the most of the open space and friendly company.

Helo Is Coming Along

Last night's dog walk and training session with Helo from 6:30 to 7:30 PM experienced some chilly weather, which didn't dampen his enthusiastic spirit. As always, Helo was excited to head out and very eager to meet people, showing his friendly disposition towards making new friends. However, he remained a bit too excitable for most other dogs, with his tendency to jump up potentially scaring them away.

Over the last few weeks, there has been noticeable progress in Helo's training. While it can still be challenging to regain his attention once he's distracted, his reactions are less intense than before. Notably, in the yard, Helo now waits until dogs or people walk away before he starts barking, which seems to stem from understandable frustration. Sometimes, he doesn't bark at all but rather jumps up and down, showing his excitement in a wiggly fashion. This improvement, especially…

Today's walk with Tank and Finn from 2:30 to 3:30 PM along the railroad tracks off of Craigflower Road went smoothly. Tank was a bit barky today, especially in the beginning. However, both furry friends settled into a nice rhythm of loose leash walking after we passed the school. The quieter surroundings seemed to help them relax and enjoy the rest of the stroll without much fuss. It turned out to be a pleasant walk, giving Tank and Finn a good balance of exercise and calm moments to take in the scenery.

Today's dog walk with Maya and Marley was a great success! From 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, I took each of them on an individual 30-minute stroll. We followed a route that took us to the dog park, then up to the fire hall, and back home. The weather in Langford was perfect for our outing, featuring sunny skies and clear conditions with temperatures hovering around 54°F to 55°F. A gentle breeze of about 6 mph added to the pleasant atmosphere.

Both Maya and Marley handled loose leash jogging very well, demonstrating good control and attentiveness. They were a bit eager and pulled on the leash at other times, but overall, it was a delightful and successful outing with the furry duo!

Monday Pack Walk On Leash Only in Esquimalt Till Further Notice

Today's pack walk with Austin, Jilly, Peaches, Frankie, and Kai around Victoria was truly enjoyable from 9 AM to 12 PM! The weather stayed cool, ranging from 49°F to 51°F, with overcast skies and occasional light drizzle. All our furry pals excelled in keeping loose on their leashes. We took a delightful trek around Esquimalt and ventured down to Saxes Point, both of which went smoothly despite the gentle breeze that picked up around noon.

Morning Pack Adventure on April 15, 2024, at 11:00 AM in Vic West, Victoria, BC.

The weather was overcast with a temperature of 12°C and a gentle breeze from the west. The furry friends included Peaches, Austin, Jelly, Frankie, and Kai. We enjoyed a smooth leashed walk around the neighborhood and a quick loop through the park. All furry friends demonstrated excellent behavior and leash manners, showing strong responsiveness to commands and calm interactions with locals and other dogs. Kai confidently navigated his neighborhood, leading the way. Overall, it was a fantastic, well-mannered walk and we are excited for the next adventure. Cheers, Cameron Stubbs, Your Human Pet Services, encouraging pawsitive adventures!

Here's the walk link:

Helo's walk this evening was approached with extra care, considering he experienced several seizures throughout the day. The introduction of a new prong collar for Helo appears to have made a positive difference in his response compared to the slip or regular collar previously used. Despite his curiosity and tendency to pull, he was noticeably more manageable on the new collar, not attempting to lead the walk as much. Post-seizure, Helo displayed some aimless walking and circling behaviors, more than usual, yet he mostly returned to my side, seeking comfort and guidance. It's crucial during these sensitive times to ensure Helo's safety and comfort, providing him with a sense of security while he navigates his environment.

Today's second walk with Tank, Finn, and Peaches at Portage Park went smoothly, especially considering the weather held up nicely for us, with no rain to dampen our spirits. Tank started the walk with a burst of barking and appeared a bit wary of Peaches initially. Despite this rocky start, the walk improved significantly as it progressed. By the end, Tank and Finn were comfortably walking side by side with Peaches, showing how well they adapted to each other's company. The cool and dry weather certainly contributed to making this outing enjoyable and fuss-free for our furry companions.

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