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Emergency Contact

Do you love traveling but worry about leaving your pet behind? Don't let that stop you from enjoying your trip! Let Your Human Pet Services be your trusted partner in keeping your furry friend safe and happy while you are away.


Your Human Pet Services is a professional pet sitting company that offers a unique service: being your pet's kennel emergency contact. This means that we will be the ones to handle any emergencies that may arise with your pet at the kennel, such as illness, injury or transportation issues. We will also keep you informed of your pet's well-being and location via the Walkies app, which allows you to track your pet's GPS location and activity level.

Ginger Cat
Dog in the Park

As your pet's kennel emergency contact, we will:


  • Provide our contact information to the kennel staff and be available 24/7

  • Visit the kennel as soon as possible if your pet needs urgent care or transport

  • Coordinate with your vet and the kennel staff to ensure your pet gets the best treatment possible

  • Update you regularly on your pet's condition and progress via text, phone or video call

  • Follow your instructions and preferences regarding your pet's diet, medication, grooming and special needs

  • Pay any fees or expenses incurred by the kennel or the vet on your behalf (you will reimburse us later)

  • Pick up your pet from the kennel when you return and deliver them to your home safely and happily


If you are interested in hiring us as your pet's kennel emergency contact, please contact us at least two weeks before your departure date. We will schedule a free meet and greet with you and your pet to get to know each other better and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting your adorable pet!

Above & Beyond Care

Your Human is a pet service business founded in 2022 by Cam, a passionate animal lover and expert pet handler. Cam enjoys bonding with animals and building lasting friendships with them. Your Human will treat your furry friend as if they were part of the family.

Reliable & Trustworthy

Your Human understands that your busy life can make it difficult to give your pets the attention and care they deserve. With years of experience in handling rescue dogs and loving pets of all kinds, you can trust Your Human to look after your furry friends when you need some extra help.

Customer Satisfaction

Your Human is ready for any pet needs and ensures that your furry friends will get the best care possible. Your fur baby’s happiness and wellbeing are the top priority. Your Human takes every precaution necessary and guarantees an experience that you and your furry friend will love!

Canine Behaviorist

Your Human is pursuing their passion in pet services and studying the Advanced Canine Behavior Course from the Will Atherton Academy. Your Human aims to become a Will Atherton Approved Trainer.

Safe Transportation

Your Human cares about your furry friends’ safety and comfort during transit. That’s why Your Human upgraded to a 2020 Ford Transit Connect that has a partition to keep the dogs in the back and a 4-way partition to give them their own space. Your furry friend will love to hop in and enjoy the ride!

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