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Two nights ago, Hilo and Peaches enjoyed their second walk together at Elk Beaver Lake. It was a chilly evening in Victoria, which seemed to energize them. While Peaches was let off-leash to explore and set her own boundaries, Hilo remained on leash, still learning to respect those boundaries. Despite this, he was thrilled to be out with his "girlfriend."

Last night's walk with Hilo took place from 6:30 to 7:30 at Layritz Park. The weather was cold, and initially, Hilo got overly excited when encountering the first couple of dogs. However, he improved significantly halfway through the walk. He had a positive interaction with a strange puppy, marking the first such encounter without any issues. This progress is especially noteworthy as he's been known to react more intensely in the past.

Helo Is Coming Along

Last night's dog walk and training session with Helo from 6:30 to 7:30 PM experienced some chilly weather, which didn't dampen his enthusiastic spirit. As always, Helo was excited to head out and very eager to meet people, showing his friendly disposition towards making new friends. However, he remained a bit too excitable for most other dogs, with his tendency to jump up potentially scaring them away.

Over the last few weeks, there has been noticeable progress in Helo's training. While it can still be challenging to regain his attention once he's distracted, his reactions are less intense than before. Notably, in the yard, Helo now waits until dogs or people walk away before he starts barking, which seems to stem from understandable frustration. Sometimes, he doesn't bark at all but rather jumps up and down, showing his excitement in a wiggly fashion. This improvement, especially…

Helo's walk this evening was approached with extra care, considering he experienced several seizures throughout the day. The introduction of a new prong collar for Helo appears to have made a positive difference in his response compared to the slip or regular collar previously used. Despite his curiosity and tendency to pull, he was noticeably more manageable on the new collar, not attempting to lead the walk as much. Post-seizure, Helo displayed some aimless walking and circling behaviors, more than usual, yet he mostly returned to my side, seeking comfort and guidance. It's crucial during these sensitive times to ensure Helo's safety and comfort, providing him with a sense of security while he navigates his environment.

Helo's walk today involved strapping a GoPro to his back for a little adventure around the local park. We encountered just one other dog, which caused Helo to circle back a few times, needing a moment to regain his composure afterward. By the walk's end, I managed to achieve some loose leash walking with Helo, although it required a bit of finesse. It was an alright outing with moments of excitement and progress in leash manners.


Today's walk around Esquimalt Plaza with Luna and Yumby started off a bit rocky but ended on a positive note. Though Luna was initially hesitant and put on the brakes for the first block, she gradually became more cooperative, especially after we turned the corner. Despite an initial misunderstanding between Luna and Yumby, Yumby remained calm, preventing the situation from escalating. Eventually, I managed to have them walking tethered and side by side, with Luna largely ignoring Yumby by the end of the walk. It was a decent outing with good progress.


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