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Helo Is Coming Along

Last night's dog walk and training session with Helo from 6:30 to 7:30 PM experienced some chilly weather, which didn't dampen his enthusiastic spirit. As always, Helo was excited to head out and very eager to meet people, showing his friendly disposition towards making new friends. However, he remained a bit too excitable for most other dogs, with his tendency to jump up potentially scaring them away.

Over the last few weeks, there has been noticeable progress in Helo's training. While it can still be challenging to regain his attention once he's distracted, his reactions are less intense than before. Notably, in the yard, Helo now waits until dogs or people walk away before he starts barking, which seems to stem from understandable frustration. Sometimes, he doesn't bark at all but rather jumps up and down, showing his excitement in a wiggly fashion. This improvement, especially in managing his reactions without resorting to barking immediately, is a positive step forward in his training regimen.


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