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Morning Pack Adventure on April 15, 2024, at 11:00 AM in Vic West, Victoria, BC.

The weather was overcast with a temperature of 12°C and a gentle breeze from the west. The furry friends included Peaches, Austin, Jelly, Frankie, and Kai. We enjoyed a smooth leashed walk around the neighborhood and a quick loop through the park. All furry friends demonstrated excellent behavior and leash manners, showing strong responsiveness to commands and calm interactions with locals and other dogs. Kai confidently navigated his neighborhood, leading the way. Overall, it was a fantastic, well-mannered walk and we are excited for the next adventure. Cheers, Cameron Stubbs, Your Human Pet Services, encouraging pawsitive adventures!

Here's the walk link:

Today's visit with Aoife and Iolo for their morning pet-sitting session went wonderfully. Upon serving breakfast, both Aoife and Iolo enjoyed their meal, followed by a brief session of affectionate pets from me. After their fill of both food and love, each retreated to their chosen spot for relaxation; Aoife preferred her secluded safe space under the bed, while Iolo opted for the comfort of a chair. It was a peaceful visit, with both Aoife and Iolo content in their routines and favourite places, making for a smooth and pleasant sitting experience.

Here's the pet sitting link:

Helo's walk this evening was approached with extra care, considering he experienced several seizures throughout the day. The introduction of a new prong collar for Helo appears to have made a positive difference in his response compared to the slip or regular collar previously used. Despite his curiosity and tendency to pull, he was noticeably more manageable on the new collar, not attempting to lead the walk as much. Post-seizure, Helo displayed some aimless walking and circling behaviors, more than usual, yet he mostly returned to my side, seeking comfort and guidance. It's crucial during these sensitive times to ensure Helo's safety and comfort, providing him with a sense of security while he navigates his environment.

Our first cat-sitting session of the year with Aoife and Iolo went quite smoothly. Upon my arrival, both furry friends were at the door to greet me, promptly leading me to their food bowls with eager anticipation. After serving their meals, Aoife and Iolo enjoyed some affection, with Aoife displaying her characteristic mix of curiosity and timidity, allowing a few pets before maintaining her distance. Iolo, on the other hand, was more sociable, following me around as I refilled their water bowls and tended to the litter box. Aoife, preferring the quiet solitude, retreated to her safe space under the bed after her meal. It was a delightful visit, marked by the unique personalities of Aoife and Iolo, making for a peaceful and enjoyable sitting.



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