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Miko's very first walk today from 11:30 to 12:30 in Esquimalt was a significant step for him. Starting from home, we made a loop through both Macaulay Point and Saxe Point. Initially, Miko was a bit nervous and grumbly, needing some coaxing to get his gentle leader on, but his excitement for the walk quickly overcame his apprehension about me, a new person in his life.

He walked really well on leash and followed instructions attentively. There were only a couple moments of uncertainty where he seemed hesitant, but he managed to come along on his own each time. Miko was happy to walk alongside me, although he hasn't yet built enough trust to take treats directly from my hand. At drop off, I left a couple of treats just inside his crate to see if he would be more comfortable accepting them once I wasn't in view. This first outing was a promising start, and it's clear Miko is beginning to adjust and show potential for more confidence in future walks.


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