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Honoring Our Heroes: #PawsForRemembrance 🐾

As we approach Canada's Remembrance Day, we embark on an extraordinary journey to celebrate the unsung heroes of our armed forces - our service animals. These four-legged companions have played an integral role in supporting our veterans and soldiers, offering unwavering loyalty and assistance in the face of adversity.

Join us in the #PawsForRemembrance campaign as we pay tribute to these incredible beings who have served alongside our brave men and women. Over the next month, we will share remarkable stories, heartwarming photos, and tales of resilience that spotlight the profound impact of service animals in the military.

But this campaign is about more than just recognition. It's also a call to action. We encourage you to stand with us and support organizations that provide service animals to veterans in need. Every contribution makes a difference, helping our heroes find companionship, healing, and hope in their journey beyond the battlefield.

Together, we can create a powerful impact that reverberates not only on Remembrance Day but every day. Join us in this endeavour, share the love, and ensure our service animals receive the honour and gratitude they deserve.

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Cameron Stubbs
Cameron Stubbs
Nov 11, 2023

Seems the campaign didn’t start at beginning of the week as intended 😅 ohh welp we go from today forwards then…

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