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From Sitting to Sit & Train: Unleashing the Potential in Tovah & Muffin

I recently had the pleasure of looking after these girls and thoroughly enjoyed challenging them a bit 😜, as reported by Robin...

"The dogs have been surprisingly quiet since we returned. What did you do to them, and will you do it again? It's so peaceful. Also, can you send me another invoice?"

This marked my second attempt at transforming a regular "sitting" into a "sit and train" session, and based on the owners' feedback, it has been a success, if I may say so myself. While I still believe I need more experience and have room for improvement, the satisfaction of my clients is ultimately what matters most to me.

🎓Today, on Sit-Your-Butt-Down Day, I want to share a valuable lesson!

Tovah was a delight, although a bit vocal and assertive, while Muffin was more passive in the background. Muffin displayed pushy behavior, always trying to have things her way. By responding to her in her familiar surroundings with an equal amount of firmness, I managed to achieve the results mentioned by the owner above. It's often the simple things that people overlook, such as introducing structure and setting expectations for rewards.

The outcome was a calmer and happier Muffin, who learned what behaviors would earn her what she wanted. Moreover, the overall serene and relaxed environment helped Tovah disengage from the escalating energy and taught her how to earn her rewards. Notice how Muffin gets what she wants, while Tovah receives her own reward. 🙃 The key was acting as the guardian for each of them.

Free lesson complete! 🥰 Sending love to Muffin and Tovah. Thank you for providing me with a valuable learning and teaching experience. 💪

Both Tovah and Muffin did so well that I was able to bring them out with the pack each day. Not only did they do great out with the pack but I was even able to bring Divo over to their house for an introduction and gentle play date while he was recovering from surgery.

More to come about the kitties Leo & Mila...

Much Love,

Your Human

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