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Bean's Adventures: A Kitty's Day Out with the Dogs

After letting Bean out to enjoy the sunny weather, I couldn't help but wonder how she would fare on a walk with the dogs.

The day was absolutely beautiful, with the sudden emergence of the sun making it feel like spring had arrived. Birds chirped away as they rustled through the blackberry bushes, capturing Bean's undivided attention.



This was my first time actually taking care of Bean on her own, as I had previously been booked to look after her brothers, Jack and Dood. The owners were so pleased with my services that our bookings kept expanding. Bean was thrilled to be a part of it all, especially since the incident when I accidentally let her out without her leash during my first booking with the boys. It was quite an ordeal, but I managed to entice her back into the trailer with some kibble.

Ever since that mishap, I've been extra careful not to let her sneak out when I pick up the boys, but I always feel guilty leaving her behind. When I bring the boys back from their walk, Bean always rushes over to join in on the pampering and affection, but I can sense her longing to explore.


Bean Tests How Far She Can Go.

Bean is required to be on a leash, presumably for her safety, given the busy road she lives near, as well as other dogs and wildlife in the area. Brentwood Bay is a stunning place, but being just outside the city and adjacent to the reservation, it has a charmingly rustic vibe. It feels like visiting a farm, albeit with a busy road, and sometimes I catch myself looking out for farm animals crossing the street. So far, I haven't seen any, though, haha!

Bean thoroughly enjoyed her exploration and basking in the sun throughout our entire two-hour visit. She would come over occasionally for some pets, as if thanking me, but quickly return to her bird-watching mission in the bushes. On the other hand, the boys were all about getting up close and personal with me, demanding affection!

What struck me right away was how much Bean adores her brothers, just as much as I do. When we returned from our walk, Bean immediately took charge of giving Jack a bath and even greeted us at the door, as if asking...


Did You Boys Have Fun?


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