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Long Weekend Sitting With Chula - Pet Ramble 003

After received requests for long weekend sittings with Chula the family decided to have a family member stay at their house while I did the walking twice a day helping to save on expense. Although I have been hired just as a walker for Chula I can't help but find myself giving an assessment, wondering what is going on in that head of hers.

Chula is a beautiful Bluenose Pitbull with faint brindle coloration barely noticeable in the faded black fur. Although Chula is wonderful with all humans and even loves kids she is not great with other dogs or anything loud going past. It seems to me that Chula is perfectly well behaved as long as I stay on top of her handling with nearly preemptive pressure. The moment I let my guard down Chula does present the typical reactive snarl and lunge and with how strong the little girl is it can be fairly dramatic looking. Although she reacts Chula is also quick to disengage and cool down which is rather nice as most other reactive dogs tend not to disengage as easily a she does.

Having taken on Chula for the long weekend without hesitation I am proud to help the family out ensuring Chula gets the care she needs and deserves.

Much Love, Your Human

Cameron Stubbs

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