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Pack Walk

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The video of the last walk is rendering 💪

It Will Be A Wet One Today!

I will be there no matter what, although my dog Jerry will likely stay home again so our current training project, Gus and I can work on a few behaviour things before the event.

We will likely keep it short and sweet unless there is a break in the rain and our group seems motivated to keep going. We will leave the training equipment behind and work on the loose leash on tracks however add on the front person stepping the side and allowing the pack to pass.

Don Parkes

Keeping it short today 🥶 chill was real! Hopefully next week we can get some nice weather and record the Bum Buddy Method. Captured the loose leash fast track with Basil today 👌 5 mins he had it perfect 👍 video to come!

Don Parkes

Good morning everyone, I will be there with Jerry and Basil today! Basil has been doing so well I wish to both bust out the walking partner and bring in "heel" & "break" commands.

Updating the event schedule this morning with a new challenge 😏 I'll explain at the event but it goes with the loose leash expectation training for Basil.

Don Parkes

Excellent Walk Everyone

It was a gorgeous walk; despite the wind, everyone did well, and everything went smoothly.

Welcoming Alanna and Marley

It was a pleasure having you join us for today's walk. Both you and Marley did great adjusting to the environment. Marley, despite being high energy and concerned, was one of the least disruptive, which hints the no-contact pack environment is the perfect fit for you.

Elena Popova

Meet Basil, Our First Pack Training Challenge 🐶🥳🐾

Basil is a charcoal lab with a gentle personality but has faced aggression from other dogs and now presents the same behaviour towards puppies that he experienced.

The owners have purchased the Leash Pulling to Heel Walking in 6 Weeks plan giving 6 pack event sessions. They have been booked as Basil to be my dog so the challenge is on starting tomorrow 😎

Don Parkes


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