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Pack Walk

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Exciting News! Will You Join?

I am super excited to announce our first group sponsorship with Active Reactive Field for Dogs! Steve Paris has been so kind to respond asking how many would be interested in attending the event. Furthermore stating that it would be best if we carpool due to parking limitations, there will be some planning needed. As stated above we will need to be in and out in a timely manner ensuring we do not disturb those prior or coming after, all within reason.... furthermore gave me feedback on a broken webpage link...

💪 Thank You Steve!

What To Expect?

Ya know how I have been babbling about working our way to an off leash experience together... welp this is it! These event may not be for everyone however there will not be any strict rule about being off leash. This will be about helping those that need to be on leash find calm around those who are off leash learn to maintain others boundaries while having their own freedom.

- 10 dogs max due to size of space.

- estimate 3-5 cars max, we will have to carpool however I can safely transport 5 dogs safely with separate compartments in my van which allows another driver to bring the owners.

- 1hr long as I do not want to impose for the first one.

- it will be a bit of a drive(45mins-1hr depending on traffic), possibly request gas money chip-in for human/dog transporters

Location: Active Reactive Field for Dogs


Will you attend our first sponsored Active Reactive Field event?

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Nov 04, 2023

I’d like to bring Kobe to the reactive field event.



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  • 29 Jun Sat | 'Esquimalt Pack Walk'

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