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Pack Walk

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Today's Event!!!

Today's event should have good weather, with the rain expected to hold off until after 12. However, there is a wind warning in effect.

Weather Report

Wind Warning -

Bringing a Selection of Treats from a Local Shop

It seems that even Jerry doesn't find the dog treats I made appetizing. Trying a new recipe that looks good doesn't always mean it will taste good for dogs. LOL. How about I put together some goodie bags for everyone? I know the rules state that everyone should bring their own treats, but I think it would be a nice surprise for everyone at the party.

Hoping to Bring Gus Today!

We have an exciting plan for Gus's first session, which will depend on whether his owners start this week or next. We will be bringing Gus to the event, where we will work together to find calm, just like we did with Basil. Speaking of Basil, I am thrilled to announce that he has graduated to private sessions, where we will follow up with his owners to ensure they have learned how to handle him properly. As a result, we can confidently welcome Pam, her daughter, and her husband as regular members of our event in future sessions.


Small Changes To Note:
  1. Group & event switched to members only, everyone must join the page as a member to attend the events unless added at the time of the event in which case the system should automatically add you as a member or send the invite.

  2. Future events will be pitched/marketed as group training as this seems to get more interest/better search results and reach a wider audience than anything related to "troubled dogs". However, the event's purpose will remain the same.

  3. Jerry-Cam, utilizing the GoPro Jerry will record for us till we have someone to record the events... it will be interesting to say the least LOL

See You All Soon!

Don Parkes


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