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The Bum Buddy Method: (Your Human Original)

This is a method of socializing reactive dogs by having them sit in a circle with their backs to each other and their owners giving them attention. This helps the dogs feel more secure and less threatened by the presence of other dogs, as they are not making direct eye contact or facing each other head-on. The owners can also reward their dogs with praise, treats, or toys for staying calm and relaxed. The distance between the dogs can be gradually reduced as they become more comfortable with each other until they are able to sit side by side without any signs of stress or aggression.

How To: Bum Buddy Method

  1. Find a suitable location where you can safely and comfortably have your dog sit in a circle with other reactive dogs. Make sure there is enough space for each dog to have their own personal bubble and not feel crowded or pressured by the others.

  2. Have each owner hold their dog's leash and walk them in a circle around the designated area, keeping a safe distance from the other dogs. This will help the dogs get used to the environment and the presence of other dogs without having to interact with them directly.

  3. Once the dogs are calm and settled, have each owner guide their dog to sit in a circle with their backs to each other, facing their owners. The owners should give their dogs attention and praise for being good and staying in position. They can also offer treats or toys as rewards if the dogs are interested in food or play when in public.

  4. Monitor the dogs' body language and behavior for any signs of stress, anxiety, or aggression, such as panting, yawning, licking lips, growling, barking, lunging, or snapping. If any of these signs occur, increase the distance between the dogs or end the session immediately.

  5. If the dogs are relaxed and comfortable, you can slowly reduce the distance between them by moving them closer together in small increments. Do this gradually and carefully, making sure that none of the dogs feel threatened or uncomfortable by the proximity of the others. You can also change the direction of the circle or have the dogs switch places to expose them to different angles and perspectives of each other.

  6. The goal is to have the dogs sit side by side without any signs of stress or aggression, and eventually be able to interact with each other in a friendly and positive manner. This may take several sessions and a lot of patience and consistency from the owners, but it can be a rewarding and effective way of socializing reactive dogs.

Hopefully this will go well and will become the new finding calm method applied at the beginning and again at the end so everyone may witness their progress 😎💪

See you all shortly!

(PS couldn't find a good video to use as example so I know I am onto something that usually isn't shared, we will have to make this our first serious video 😁 it will help so many understand where they are going wrong, but only if done correctly)

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